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I wrote this privacy policy to help you better understand how we handle your data. The privacy policy may be updated continuously according to technology updates. If a change is made we will inform you. If you use the Quadra Shop Store after posting these changes, you agree to the modifications.

By subscribing to any of the products or services provided by the Quadra Shop store or by interacting with a merchant using the Quadra Shop store services, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of the Quadra Shop store. The Privacy Policy is a legally binding agreement between you and the customer or business owner, Quadra Shop and its affiliated companies and services.

Personal information is kept at a high level of safety, and in the event of any problem or request for information, we will always ask for your consent before using your personal information.

The terms of this agreement apply to all users of the "Quadra-Shop Store" platform, for example, but not limited to: visitors, customers, customers, partners, members and contributors to content, and developers of the "Quadra-Shop store" platform, and they are all referred to as users, the customer, or the service buyer.

- The "Quadra Shop Store" platform is not responsible for any violations, financial transfers, products or commercial transactions that take place on the designated store. The store manager is responsible for all commercial and legal dealings.

- The services provided by the "Quadra Shop" platform are only available to people who can form legally binding contracts under the applicable law. Services are not available to individuals under the age of 18 years. If you are not eligible, please do not use the services of the "QuadraShop" platform.

- No store has the right to use any of its products or services in a way that offends Islam or violates Islamic law, or puts any contents that violate morality or the local law of the resident state. In the event that this clause is violated, the "Quadra Shop Store" platform has the right to suspend the store or service immediately without referring to the purchaser of the service without any compensation. The "Quadra Shop" platform does not bear any liability resulting from any wrong use or in violation of local and international laws.

- The customer, the buyer or user of the service, is obligated not to pay any payments to other than the official accounts of the "Quadra Shop" platform or cash in one of our branches with obtaining an official document to inquire about payment methods. Contact our official mail: info@quadrashops.com

- After the first year, the monthly payment for the Quadra Shop store packages is made on official bank accounts, and the value of the package is paid in advance at the beginning of the month up to a maximum of the first five days of the month. The Quadra Shop platform team has the right to terminate the package account in case of delay In paying and deleting all customer data or keeping them for the purpose of working with them as a backup copy for the customer.

- The customer is obligated to send a copy of the transfer to the official email designated for receiving pictures of bank transfers info@quadrashops.com to the official "Quadra Shop store" accounts or through the bank transfer confirmation form on the payment page.

- The company reserves the right to use links or pictures of the store or one of the services it provides to its customers in any visual or invisible, digital or non-digital advertising campaign.

- You may not use the services of the "Quadra Shop" platform for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, nor may you use the service to violate any laws in your country, or international laws.

- The Quadra Shop platform reserves the right to suspend, delete or cancel any account, store, or services provided to customers for any account that violates the terms and conditions without prior notice.

- The "Quadra Shop Store" platform retains the fundamental ownership of all its services provided to customers and its design components and programs, and no party has the right to remove any rights to the "Quadra Shop Store""Quadra Shop Store" platform.

- The Quadra Shop platform reserves the right to terminate any account, whether free or paid, bearing incorrect names, addresses or contact information without refunding money or compensation.

- Support services are provided by communicating with the official emails designated for this on the dates determined by the work team.

- It is forbidden to use the "Quadra Shop" platform to spread hate or racist speech against any individual, group, country, class, gender, religion, language, in any form, without exception.

- It is forbidden to withdraw or attempt to withdraw pages, sites or stores other than under the management of the platform outside the "Quadra Shop Store" platform, or tamper with the codes from any party except with written permission sealed and signed by the "Quadra Shop Store" platform.

- The Quadra Shop platform does not offer a refund policy for sums or transferred payments, as it is always spent in advance and it is difficult to return the amount to the customer, with the exception of cases where the Quadra Shop platform states in writing the possibility of refunding the amounts.

- The customer must complete the registration form in order to use the services. The customer is obligated to provide correct, accurate, current and complete information as required in the registration form, and we will update the information to keep it updated periodically.

- The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his account, passwords, files, and all uses of the client's account.

- The "Quadra Shop Store" platform reserves the right to refuse to register or cancel accounts it deems inappropriate.

- The Quadra Shop platform apologizes for providing any technical support in the event of removing special development rights, using third-party technical support services, or modifying the programming files for the services provided to the customer without referring to the technical support team on the “Quadra Shop store” platform.

- Clients who do not wish to automatically renew their subscriptions must inform the technical support team at least one week before the renewal date to avoid unwanted payments.

- Modification or customization of the design is done only through the options available in the customer-specific control panel and pre-prepared templates By paying the subscription for the first month, you agree to all of these templates and options available on the control panel.

- Technical support services are provided only by e-mail, direct chats, mobile phones, and Whats-app.

- Additional services provided by a third party, for example but not limited to, such as the unified number, advertisement with celebrities, and mobile messages are subject to the rules and laws of those services providers.

- Buyers of the service are obligated to conclude agreements, open accounts, complete procedures, pay any fees or costs for presenting or provide any papers required from service providers from any third party, for example, but not limited to, shipping or payment companies, banks or international companies that provide Matajer services Apps like the Apple Store and Google Play.

- It is strictly forbidden to defame any of the employees of the "Quadra Shop Store" on public and non-public spaces on the Internet or otherwise because it is considered an explicit defamation, and the "Quadra Shop" store has the right to immediately cancel all transactions related to the customer who is the owner of this abuse after his notice Thus, transferring the matter to legal affairs to protect the moral and material rights of the first party.

- Buyers of the service are obligated to conclude agreements, open accounts, complete procedures, pay any fees or costs for presenting or provide any papers required from service providers from any third party such as shipping or payment companies, banks or international companies that provide.

services to application stores such as Apple Store and Google Store to complete the application uploading process within a maximum period of 90 days from the date the agreement began to complete the linking or uploading applications, and in the event that this time is delayed, there may be additional fees.

Keeping the password for your account is your responsibility. We are not responsible for the loss of the password or your inability to keep it. You are responsible for all activities and content related to your account that are uploaded to the «Quadra Shop Store».

- Not to use your store for any illegal work or transmit any malicious files or viruses. And remember that as soon as any defect occurs in this regard, your account will be canceled, and we will communicate with you via e-mail.

- Disputes related to the "Quadra Shop Store" services are resolved by a third party that has no connection in any way with any of the parties or those working for either party. The two parties acknowledge that disputes that cannot be resolved by the third party are considered by the specialized Saudi courts and related to the subject in dispute.

By downloading and uploading the content of the store, you acknowledge that:

  • You allow internet surfers to view your store content
  • You allow the "Quadra Shop Store" to store and display the contents of your store
  • You allow the "Quadra Shop Store" to review the contents of your store at any time and display them in the services of the selected "Quadra Shop".

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