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Subscription commerce is ever evolving. A few years ago, who would have expected Porsche to launch a subscription service? Or that monthly boxes of beauty samples or shaving supplies and OTT services would propel the subscription model to new heights? And how will these trends shape the subscription space going forward—and drive growth and innovation?

Regardless of your billing model, there’s an opportunity for you to capitalize on many of the current trends in subscription commerce—trends that will help you to continue to compete and succeed in your industry.

What are these trends and how can you learn more?

These trends are outlined in our “Top Ten Trends for 2018” which we publish every year to help subscription businesses understand the drivers which may impact them in 2018 and beyond.

One trend, for example, is machine learning and data science which the payments industry is increasingly utilizing to deliver more powerful results for their customers.

Another trend which is driving new revenue is the adoption of a hybrid billing model— subscription businesses seamlessly sell one-time items and ‘traditional’ businesses add a subscription component as a means to introduce a new revenue stream.

And while subscriber acquisition is not a new trend, there are some sophisticated ways to acquire new customers that subscription businesses are putting to work for increasingly positive effect.

Download this year’s edition and see how these trends and insights can help your subscription business succeed in 2018.